Agilent partner laboratory

In the scope of a collaboration contract state-of-the-art Agilent Atomic Spectroscopy Laboratory is operating at the department. Spectrometers from the major product line of the Agilent Technologies are provided - including atomic absorption (AA) instruments of Zeeman graphite furnace and flame systems, as well as a microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometer (MP-AES). Beside the rutine analysis of samples with environmental, biological, agricultural and pharmaceutical origin more challenging research purposes are considered.


Main projects

The matrix effects potentionally occuring in the new construction of the magnetically excited microwave plasma is studied by a series of well designed modell experiments.

Sample pre-treatment methods are being developed for the high-performance micro element analysis (including Se) of animal blood serum, tissues and bones.

We also take part in environmental assessment studies of wetlands by developing a reliable and straightforward monitoring system for the investigation of the anthropogenic activities affecting water habitat through the elemental analysis of sediments, water, plants, macroinvertebrates and fish taxa.

Interfacing microfluidic chip based chromatography with atomic spectrometry for speciation analysis.