The project:

National Science Foundation, OISE-0754138 "International: U.S.-Hungary Collaborative Research in Microfluidics Applications in the Chemical and Materials Sciences"

Coordinator: Prof. F. Gomez (CSU Los Angeles)

Host: Dr. A. Gáspár (University of Debrecen)

In the project 3-4 students from the Gomez' lab have spent 2 months per year in the Gaspar's lab to make joined research on microfluidics.  The scientific publications as results of the joined work and some pictures from the lab and from elsewhere can be see below.



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M.Andrasi, R.Bustos, A.Gaspar, F.A.Gomez, A.Klekner, Analysis and stability study of temozolomide using capillary electrophoresis, J.Chromatogr. B, 2010, 878, 1801-1808. (IF2009: 2.777)

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