Evaluation of chromatograms

During this practice students are given a chance to learn the basic principles of evaluating electropherograms/chromatograpms. Although the practice focuses on the evaluation of electropherograms - data obtained by capillary electrophoresis (CE) – the presented definitions, techniques, mathematical procedures are generally applicable to the assessment of chromatograms, as well. The educational material is based on the operation of the Chemstation 3D CE (Agilent) evaluation software.

1. The practice takes place in B201 (or B103) computer room.
2. Every student (1 person/computer) is expected to click on the task.xls excel sheet, which automatically generates data for each individual (since new data is generated every time the task sheet is opened, we recommend printing it prior to the start of the practice). Please bring a pendrive.
3. The instructor presents the task and works simultaneously with the students by following the instructions on the work sheet (1-2 hours). The practice is for carrying and excersising the basic features of the evaluation software, the calculation and discussion part is to be done after the practice.
4. The completed task sheet should be handed in to lab D-501 in person (not electronically) on Monday (02.24.) between 1-4 pm. The corrected work sheets can be taken away the following day (02.25.) from midday (work sheets will be placed on the table just outside lab D-501).

Task (XLS)

Theory (PDF)