Separation techniques (laboratory practice)
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Safety rules:

IMPORTANT! Please check the laboratory safety rules ( prior to coming to the first instrumental lab! Every student will sign a paper to confirm, that safety rules were read and understood. IMPORTANT!


Attendance is compulsory at all of the sessions of the laboratory practice. In case of absence you have to give medical certificate to the instructor. In exceptional case one missing is allowed, but the missed practice must be replaced. Any absence must be indicated to the instructor (e-mail, phone) prior to lab session.

Short written test:

Each practice starts with a short written test from the material of that particular lab. Please, don’t late! The more you late the less time you have for the short test. If the short test is unsatisfactory (1), the teacher has the right to send the student off from the practice with a mark of 1.

Lab manual:

During the laboratory session all students have to write a lab manual which should contain the theoretical background, principles of the instruments.

Final grade:

Every teacher will give you a mark based on your lab work, your short test and your lab manual. Additionally, the teacher has the right to ask you questions about the practice (usually at the end of the practice), and you can obtain a mark from that, as well. These marks contribute to your mark for the lab. Every lab marks will be averaged, and the final grade will be determined accordingly. If 2 or more lab is finished with 1 mark, the student fails to complete the course.