General Chemistry Lecture      3 óra
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lecture course for pharmaceutics, chemical engineering, bioengineering majors


Course time:    42 hours/semester, 13 Sept. 2016 – 14 Dec. 2016


Cancelled lectures:      Thursday, 14 September

                                     Wednesday, 1 November (national holiday)

                                     Thursday, 2 November  (fall break)

                                     Wednesday, 22 November


       Wednesday,  12pm – 2pm

K/1 lecture Hall in the Chemistry Buliding


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  Thursday,  12pm – 1pm

Lecture Hall of the Department of Pulmonology, Building of the Department Pulmonology, 1st floor


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Instructor:       Dr. Gábor Lente, full professor

                        Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Room D524

                        phone: 22373, e-mail:


Syllabus of the course for 2017.


Recommended textbook:

John McMurry – Robert C. Fay:  Chemistry

7th ed., Prentice Hall  ISBN: 0321943171.  Available in the MEDICINA bookstore in the theoretical building on the medical campus. Price: HUF 24,700.



Recommended book:

Lajos Kovács, Dezső Csupor, Gábor Lente, Tamás Gunda: 100 Chemical Myths - Misconceptions, Misunderstandings, Explanations

ISBN 978-3-319-08418-3