pH-metry manual


Dear Students,

With regard to the university regulations related to the spread of the coronavirus, for those students, who have not performed pH-metry laboratory practices of Instrumental Analysisyet, it will be held at 14:00 on 27th April 2020 (Monday) in e-Learning system.

Short test

The practice starts with a short test which will be held in eLearning system from 14:00 to 14:30 on 27th April 2020 (Monday). The test is available only the above mentioned period of time. Please note: students with results lower than 40 % cannot continue the practice!

Description of the practice

Prepare the lab manual on your own! The syllabus is available on website. Furthermore, a presentation about the process of the practice will be uploaded to the, which contains the presentation of the instruments as well as the required tasks, the theoretical background and process of the evaluation. The students will get an individual data set which is marked with a number. All files, including the schedule of the tasks, can be found on website (The individual tasks sorted by Neptun code can be found in SCHEDULE.xlsx. The DATABASE.xlsx file contains the numbered data sets need to be evaluated). To evaluate the titration data, the EVALUATION.xlsx file must be used according to the instructions, which can be found in the power point presentation.

Lab manual

It is required to prepare the lab manual in electronic format. The lab manual should consist of a summary of the theoretical background in maximum one page, the review questions together with their solutions, the data sets, the process of evaluation as written text, the diagrams and the discussion. Send the lab manual to until 30th April (Thursday) 14:00 as a MS Word document with the extension of .doc or .docx. This Word document should be named as Firstname_Lastname_Neptuncode.doc(x). Copying of the manuals is strictly prohibited by the teachers! The lab manuals will be check with comparison tool and in case of high similarity the practice cannot be accepted! The lab manual should also contain the Skype username of the student.

Oral test

The oral test is the part of the practice. A randomly chosen student from each group will report on the theoretical and practical knowledge about pH-metry. For the oral test Skype system will be used from 15:00 to 17:00 on 30th April (Thursday). Students must give their Skype name in the lab manual! Please note: if you will not be available online at this period it will result an unjustified absence. 

Power point presentation I.

Power point presentatioon II.