Instrumental analysis II
Program, beosztás
Általános információk

Safety rules:

At the beginning of each practice the supervisors explain the corresponding safety rules.

Please check the laboratory safety rules ( prior to coming to the first instrumental lab!

General informations:

Only students who have signed up for the course in the Neptun system and participate in the first practice can take the practice.Participation in the practices is obligatory for everyone. The table of the schedule contains the place (which lab) and the date of every practice. Checking if the students came prepared is usually done by a short test, but a short oral examination is also an option. Each short test contains questions corresponding the practice of that given day (not the previous practice). Those students who came to the practice without sufficient theoretical knowledge/preparation will be dismissed from the practice (which equals a failed - not performed - practice)!

Lab manuals:

A short theoretical introduction part must be written into the lab manual about the essence of the given instruments, methods, calculations prior to each practice. This introduction should preferably be written by hand. If not so, and if the content of the introduction is plaguarized (copied from various sources), the teacher has the right to apply a sanction at his/her discretion. Copying other parts of the manuals from fellow students is sanctioned similarly. Every student must prepare his/her own lab manual on his/her own. To attach printed/drawn measurement data to the manual, everyone should have tape/glue, stapler, scissors, etc. Lab manuals must be completed by the end of each practice, and should be presented to the teacher on the day of the practice. If a computer is required for the evaluation, it must be prepared the day after the practice at the latest (if the teacher agrees). If the lab manuals are not submitted by the deadline, the grade of the given practice is failed. The supervisor will return the corrected lab manuals no later than within 2 working days.

We approve the followings as lab manuals: stapled/bound sheets of papers collected in good order in a folder or A4 spiral notebook. Don't lose your manuals, as you can prove your appereance at the practice only with the manual.

Final grade:

Students obtain grades during each instrumental practice for the short test, lab manual, lab work and in some cases even for short oral examinations. The grade of a practice is based on their average, which is indicated in the lab manual. Thus, students will obtain a grade (1-5) or a fail for every practice.

A student may fail to complete a lab, if the student does not show up at the practice, or does not hand the manual in until the deadline, or if the student is dismissed (being not prepared or lack of theoretical introduction).

When determining the final grade:

- If every practice is completed and there is max. one grade that is a 1 and there is no abscence.

- If at least 2 practices' grade is 1, it means failing (1, as final grade).

- The final grade is determined according to the average of the individual practices and the grade of final test 3x.

- If both the closing test and the replacement closing test are insufficient, the final grade is failed.

- The final grade cannot be better than 2 (pass) if the replacement test had to be written .

- The teachers have the right to differ from the general rules of rounding in a positive way (e.g. for outstanding activity on the practices) or in a negative way (e.g. for poor quality or copied manuals).


Attendance is compulsory at all of the sessions of the laboratory practice. In the case of absence you have to give to the instructor medical certificate. In exceptional cases one missing is allowed, but the missed practice session must be replaced. Any absence must be indicated to the instructor (e-mail, phone) prior to the lab session.

Grades will be entered into Neptun until the end of the semester. If you have any problem please contact Melinda Andrási with your lab manual and certificate (D501).