Analytical Chemistry      2+1 óra
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Advices to be well prepared for the exams:


For the complex examination (pharmacists):

  • List of the short questions
  • List of the topics
  • Firstly, the student chooses 2 topics. Those are obtained from topics of 1-13 (classical) and 14-27 (instrumental). The student decides which topic is worked out in details as for a written test. The other topic should be presented in oral (a sketch can be used). The result of the exam is the average of the oral and written performances, but each performance should reach an acceptable level.
    Before the student is allowed to start their presentation, he/she should choose one from the short questions (basic definition, formula, principle) and should provide the answer immediately without any preparation or any asking a clue (it cannot take more than 1-2 min). If the answer is incomplete, the complex exam can not be proceeded.